‘Pack his Jew bags’ email by a Melbourne cardiologist

- A leading Melbourne cardiologist said a Jewish tenant should “pack his Jew bags and fuck off” in an email about rent during the coronavirus crisis. 

Dr Arthur Nasis sent the email advice to his sister, who was negotiating with her tenants over a rent reduction. 

The tenants, Paul and Susannah Swiatlo, were mistakenly sent the email. In it, Dr Nasis told his sister: “Ignore for one week. In one week, write back and say ‘I will review all information and get back to you within one week’, that gives you 2-3 weeks. If you sell Ave by then — tell him to pack his Jew bags and fuck off.” 

Ms Swiatlo, whose father lost family during the Holocaust, said she burst into tears when she read it, adding: “Shock, hurt, sadness, disappointment overcame me.” 

Dr Nasis, a consultant cardiologist and director of acute cardiac services at Monash Heart., said: “I misused a term to a family member that has been conceived as racism, which was in absolutely no way my intention. I am truly sorry ... There is not a single fibre of my being that is racist.” 

Ms Swiatlo said: “I welcome his regret.”

Photo: Professor Arthur Nasis. Facebook