Repeatedly stumbling blocks stuck over with right-wing extremist stickers

- On the stumbling block in memory of Holocaust survivor Selma Jung, who was deported to Theresienstadt in 1944, stickers of the far right were pasted several times.

On the first sticker, on an iron cross were the words "You are for us; we are for you!" And "1914-1918 1939-1945 in memory of the heroes who fell from the two world wars." („Ihr für uns; wir für euch!“ und „1914-1918 1939-1945. Im Gedenken an die Gefallenen Helden beider Weltkriege“ )

A passerby removed the sticker, but found a similar sticker a few days later. The second sticker read, among other things, "The press is lying." This sticker was also removed immediately.

Source: Bundesverband RIAS