Threats to Berger include online message saying she 'would pay' for Corbyn suspension

Luciana Berger has revealed that she received a message online threatening that she “would pay” for the suspension of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The former Labour MP was also subjected to vicious attacks during a live chat session run by the pro-Corbyn Novara Media website, including comments labelling her a “vile fifth columnist” and having a “face of evil.”

The former Liverpool Wavertree parliamentarian told the Sunday Times: ”The volume and toxicity of what has come in the past 48 hours is an example of the problem that still permeates the left.”

Ms Berger added that supporters of the former Labour leader were “still seeking to do down the experience of Jewish members and former members.”

On Twitter she was called a “criminal”, an “agent of a foreign power” and “Zionist scum”.

Commenting on Mr Corbyn’s response to the damning EHRC report into Labour's handling of antisemitism, Ms Berger said what was needed was a “wholesome apology” and not “another moment when he has chosen to obfuscate and not take responsibility.”

The 39 year-old also told the newspaper she believed Mr Corbyn is antisemitic, noting how he “can’t process not to be" but then engage in actions such as defending the Tower Hamlets mural that featured caricatures of Jewish bankers with hooked noses.

She said she would not be drawn into criticising Sir Keir Starmer, but confirmed that until the eve of the publication of the EHRC report she had not spoken to him since September 2018.

Ms Berger said she felt loyalty to the Liberal Democrats who welcomed her after she quit Labour in February 2019. But she did not rule out re-joining Labour.

Source: thejc
Photo: Luciana Berger left Labour last year JOHN NGUYEN