A farmer destroys an old Jewish cemetery in Hulyaipole

- In the city of Hulyaipole (Zaporozhye region), a farmer used part of the territory of an ancient Jewish cemetery as a field.

The farmer plowed about half a hectare of land. However, his actions continue and remain unpunished for the past three years.

In order to bring the farmer to justice for the vandalism and abuse of graves, local residents had to go to court.

It is worth noting that the authorities of Hulyaipole assured that they did not issue permits not to use this land and did not coordinate agricultural work on the territory of the cemetery. 

According to local residents who oppose the farmer's actions, bones and fragments of Jewish gravestones can be seen on the surface of the plowed land. In order to save the memory and prevent other tombstones from being destroyed, the residents gathered them in one place.

Source: Jewish news