Antisemitic insults in a Hanukkah ceremony in Bahía Blanca

Bahía Blanca - A person began violently to utter antisemitic insults in the main square of the city of Bahía Blanca, in front of the Municipal Palace, where the act of lighting candles for Hanukkah was taking place, which Chabad organizes every year

Although he gave the impression that he was drunk, the individual began with insults before the group of people who were about to light the second Chanukah candle.

"Jewish sons of bitches"! Together with the United States they are carrying out a genocide. Then he started with threats. "Today I am alone, tomorrow we will be ten and the day after we will be more." Then he added: "They are doing the same thing that Roca did with the Argentine Tehuelches."

Before leaving, he threatened again: "I'm going to come every day to ruin your party, you shitty sons of bitches."

Source: visavis