Antisemitic poster in Munich

- A passerby discovers a newspaper display in the Schwabing district of Munich, which was glued with a hand-described poster with the inscription ′Lügenpresse′ and a Star of David.

The speech of the ′′lying press′′ allegedly refers to equal-or-equal media that would join forces for the purpose of enforcing certain views and policies.

In Nazism, the term was directed against all who were identified as Jewish and / or Kommunist.

Here this defamation was always directed against the alleged control of the press by ′′ World Judaism ". This should also express the incident documented here by combining the term ′′ lying press ′′ with a star of David.

Especially in connection with the protests over the measures to contain Covid-19, the term has in turn revived as so-called ′′ lateral thinkers ′′ face an elitist conspiracy, for example, to enforce a ′′ vaccination force ′′ and a malicious agenda as a whole. The conspiracy narrative of a ′′ lying press ′′ has broken itself in insults, threats and physical attacks against Journalist:innen during so-called corona protests.

Source: RIAS Bayern