Antisemitism of Georgian orthodox church

Tbilisi - TDI (Tolerance and Diversity Institute) considers the antisemitic sermon of the Metropolitan of Kutaisi-Gaenati and the head of the Education Center of the Georgian Patriarchate, Ioane Gamrekeli, to be extremely disturbing. To date, the Patriarchate of the Georgian Orthodox Church has not yet publicly condemned the antisemitic manifestation of the Church.

During the liturgy of 20 December, Metropolitan Ioane referred to the Jewish nation several times in a derogatory context. He called the Jews "persecutors of Christians" and "the generation of unbelievers." The reference to such words is a demonization of the Jewish people, Judaism, and repeats a dangerous stereotype that the entire nation bears collective responsibility for the murder of the Christ.

The Metropolitan preached about the life of Ambrose of Mediolanum and told several episodes. His preaching contained a number of historical inaccuracies. In the case at hand, however, it is not the goal of TDI to establish historical truth. The Metropolitan noted: Christians were able to destroy Jewish communities and synagogues. When the Judaic community asked the ruler to build a synagogue, the king told them to first pay for "all those Christians tortured for centuries”. The Jews finally refused, saying they would have built the synagogue themselves. He also added that “there might not be so many Jews in the city but there are not few in the world, and they had always influenced the king's court, and they do so now."

Ioane Gamrekeli said during his sermon that "the fight continues to date, it is not defined by the ethnicity, it is the fight of the generation of unbelievers against the church." He drew a parallel between the Jews, "the generation of unbelievers" and human rights activists who currently criticize the Church and thus continue the path of the Jewish community. The reference to human rights defenders as "fighters against the Church in this context is also disturbing."

Source: tdi