Campus antisemitism in Britain 2018-2020

A new investigation by CST, published today in a report titled Campus Antisemitism in Britain 2018-2020, has found 123 antisemitic incidents affecting Jewish students, academics and student bodies in 34 different towns and cities across the UK during the past two academic years.

The vast majority of Jewish students have a strongly positive experience at university, and there are thriving Jewish student communities across the country. However, antisemitism does affect Jewish students and academics on a regular basis.

This new report uncovers a much higher number of antisemitic incidents on UK campuses than had previously been reported. It shows that in some instances, university staff, academics and students’ union officers were themselves responsible for antisemitism on campus, and that university complaints processes are sometimes inadequate. In one case reported to CST, a Jewish student at the University of Warwick was even subjected to disciplinary investigation after he complained that a member of academic staff had made an antisemitic comment in a lecture. This was later dropped with no action taken against the student.

CST has produced this report to highlight these problems and to encourage Jewish students to report and challenge antisemitism where it exists. In particular, universities need to establish appropriate procedures to deal with this type of discrimination within their institutions.

Source: The CST