Iranian senior official: Destroying Israel is Muslim world’s top priority

Ali Akbar Velayati

- The struggle against the “Zionist regime” is the top issue for the Muslim world and therefore Iran retains an unwavering policy of siding with the Palestinians against Israel, senior Iranian official Ali Akbar Velayati stated.

Addressing a gathering of scholars of the Islamic Awakening Supreme Council in Tehran on Monday, Velayati, an international adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated that the liberation of Jerusalem from Israel’s rule and fighting the “racist Zionist regime” are the “main and number one issue[s] of the Islamic world.”

“All sinister plots hatched by the US, international Zionism and reactionary Arab states aim to marginalize the Palestinian cause to make up for their defeats and failures,” he said, Iran’s Tasnim news reported.