"Jewish", a hospital mentions the religion of a patient in the medical summary

- The hospitalization report of a patient from a hospital in Val d'Oise mentioning the Jewish religion of a patient. 

The patient and the BNVCA file a complaint for discrimination and violation of the principle of secularism.

Mr Francis Kalifat, President of CRIF and Mr René Taieb, President of UCJ 95, Delegate of CRIF in the department alerted the director of the hospital who decided to conduct an internal investigation to identify the perpetrators of this offense.

We consider this “Jewish” saying alien to the patient's medical and personality qualifications. Contrary to ethics, it introduces an element of discrimination which is manifestly detrimental to the privacy and private life of the victim, as religion is an element of the private life of people living on the territory of the French Republic.

On the contrary, this "Jewish" mention draws attention to a component of Mrs. A.B.'s intimacy that is likely to harm her, especially in the current social context, which affects our country.

In addition, it also contravenes article 9 of the Civil Code which guarantees the security and serenity of the privacy of people in our country.

Finally, it is contrary to the principle of secularism which does not distinguish between the denominations, beliefs and religions of citizens.

Source: BNVCA