“Laziale ebreo” (Jewish Lazio): the writing in front of the school

- “Laziale ebreo” (Jewish Lazio), “Lazio Covid-19”, “Lazio shit”: all branded with the spray can in front of the Leopardi school in Rome.

“The antisemitic writings that appeared today in Rome in front of a school are shameful and ignoble. I hope those responsible for this miserable gesture will be identified and severely punished ”. So on Twitter Viginia Raggi, mayor of Rome.
Even children ask themselves: "Why Jewish Lazio?". Some pupils of the comprehensive Giacomo Leopardi institute in Balduina this morning wanted to give a strong signal to react and respond to the shameful antisemitic writing that appeared yesterday on the school entrance square.


Source: terzobinario
Photo: Enzo Foschi FB