T-shirt companies promise to stop selling ‘Holocaugh’ T-shirts

Jewish groups have spoken out against online T-shirt companies Teespring and Redbubble who were selling shirts with the phrase “I survived the Holocaugh” on them, a white supremacist meme. Both Redbubble and Teespring responded to the StopAntisemitism.org’s tweet and acknowledged that the shirts broke their community guidelines and would be removed.
According to the Daily Beast, the phrase ‘Holocaugh’ has gone through several permutations in the white supremacist community. It began as a threat by extremists who wanted to weaponize the virus against the Jewish community: “COVID-19. If you have the bug, give a hug. Spread the flu to every Jew. Holocough,” said a popular meme.
It later became a rallying cry for conspiracy theorists either alleging that the pandemic was a deliberate Jewish invention, or denying it outright, just as Holocaust deniers deny the Holocaust.

Source: forward