The World Jewish Congress report - Antisemitic conspiracy myths

Antisemitic conspiracy myths are not a new phenomenon; they have existed for centuries. In times of uncertainty and economic hardship, such myths flourish and gain increased popularity and support.

 In the past, violence resulting from conspiratorial beliefs has resulted in pogroms, death, and destruction. However, one does not need to look far into the past, as several recent terror attacks were influenced, in part, by such conspiratorial beliefs.

During the current global coronavirus pandemic, conspiracy myths in general, and those related to antisemitism in particular, are becoming increasingly widespread.

This report aims to provide an overview of antisemitic phenomena related to conspiracy myths, and of antisemitic conspiracies, their historical background, and their current relevance. It also aims to highlight the growing threat emerging from the increasingly mainstream belief in such conspiracy myths as well as their role in encouraging and motivating terrorists.

Source: World Jewish Congress