Algerian media attack Morocco’s Hakim Ziyech in antisemitic report

Hakim Ziyech, right
Algerian news outlet Ennahar TV has used an antisemitic discourse to attack Moroccan football player Hakim Ziyech.

In a report published on Friday, January 29, Ennahar TV shared a photo showing Ziyech with his teammates at Chelsea FC paying tribute to Holocaust victims. The Algerian channel then went on to call Ziyech’s participation in the Holocaust memorial “a scandal.”

The picture, initially shared by Israel’s official Arabic Twitter account on January 28, shows Ziyech and two of his teammates carrying a banner with the inscription “We Remember,” in tribute to the victims of the Holocaust. The banner included the logo of Chelsea FC and the World Jewish Congress.

The initiative, which coincided with the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, celebrated every year on January 27, appears to have triggered the antisemitic discourse of the Algerian news outlet.

Ennahar TV’s report, using words such as “scandal,” seems to be an attempt to use Ziyech’s photo to promote the narrative that Morocco has sided with Israel and “turned its back” on the Palestinian cause.

Large parts of the populations in some Muslim countries, such as Algeria, do not believe that the Holocaust ever took place. Others continue to claim that the number of Holocaust victims, estimated at six million, has been largely inflated.

Their underlying is that the Holocaust is a “hoax” that Jews created to garner global empathy and push forward the Zionist agenda for the establishment of a Jewish state.

In Morocco, however, the story has been largely different. Contrary to Algerian media’s portrayal of the Kingdom as a “traitor,” Morocco has always publicly manifested its religious tolerance toward Jews, notably welcoming and protecting Jews with Moroccan roots.