Annual report of the antisemitism officer at the Berlin prosecutor's 0ffice: Antisemitism has become more visible in the plague

Annual Report of the Antisemitism Officer at the Berlin Prosecutor's Office: Antisemitism has become more visible in the plague.

"The Corona plague has led to a flourishing in antisemitic conspiracy theories." This is the conclusion of Claudia Vanoni, the antisemitism officer of the Berlin State Attorney's Office, in her annual report.

The report presents current developments and statistics, highlighted cases and general challenges in prosecution and against antisemitic crimes.

Thus, authorities have opened 417 antisemitic proceedings in the past year, up from 386 in 2019. However, the report notes that the data are only partially significant, "because the case count is based on public reports." However, the numbers will indicate an increase in anti-Semitism by 2020, Vanoni writes.

The report further states: “The deep-rooted antisemitism that has become even more apparent to the Corona plague in 2020, the burdens associated with Jews in their daily lives and the still high number of antisemitic crimes in Berlin show more than ever that effective and consistent law enforcement is an important antisemitic strategy. "

In 2020 Vanoni further expanded an official network that exists with the anti-Semitic commissioners of the Bavarian, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse prosecutors, the report continues. Taking into account the concerns of the victims. "

Source: berlin