Another antisemitic traditional Ukrainian play for Orthodox Christmas

- These children are high school students from the former Jewish town of Berezhany. They have never seen living Jews, but they know what they look like and what they do. Children play Christmas nativity scene.

The character in a black hat with sidelocks is Moshko the Jew , and the woman with the stick is Sura the Jew. According to the plot, the Jews are trying to sell something to Christians, and they are expelled.

Moshko says that he can lend, but the brave children answer him: "You now lend, and then you drive people out of the house and take them home."

The blonde girl echoes: "There are Jews in the house, we will not trade."

But the Jew doesn’t stop and wants to give the Ukrainians a drink: “"If the farmer does not drink, what will Moshko make a living from?"