Antisemitic graffiti on the walls of the Cognin football stadium

- Antisemitic graffiti was discovered on the walls of the premises of the Château football stadium, in the town of Cognin (Savoie) on Friday January 8. The town has lodged a complaint and wants an investigation to be opened.

On the walls of the premises of the football stadium in the commune of Cognin (Savoie), near Chambéry, one cannot miss in large red letters several antisemitic inscriptions, swastikas and a reference to Palestine. The vice-president of the Cognin football club discovered these graffiti around 1 p.m. this Friday. He alerted the town hall.

The graffiti includes: "Death to the Jews" (mort aux Juifs) "kids killer" (youpins assassins) "Free Pallestine" and a swastika.

The mayor of Cognin, Franck Morat, accompanied by his deputy in charge of public tranquility, lodged a complaint on behalf of the municipality: "We strongly condemn these comments and ask that an investigation be opened to find the authors of these graffiti . "

This is the first time that this type of place is tagged in the town of Cognin. For Franck Morat, there is no past event "which would justify this type of graffiti" to his knowledge.

Since the lockdown period, most training takes place at the municipal gymnasium.

Source: francebleu