Antisemitic posters about Index journalists appeared all over Budapest

Budapest - Antisemitic posters depicting the journalists of the Index have been published in Budapest. Incidentally, all this turned out to be a photo posted on Twitter by Szabolcs Panyi, a journalist from Direkt36. It is not yet known who placed the posters. 

The posters show András Dezső and Gábor Miklósi in front of an Israeli flag, with the inscription "We also came from across the border!", and below it the following labels can be read: constant yelling, latent anti-Hungarianism, treason. 

Several articles have already been written against Gábor Miklósi by far-right bodies and the government media. Miklósi did not stand at the opening of the Puskás Arena when Hungarian children from the Highlands sang the song Ismerős Arcok Nélküled (Familiar Faces Without You), and he also wrote an article about it. Origo wrote about the case with the title “The employee of the Index deliberately humiliated the singing Hungarian children in the Highlands” and the Facts with the title “The Abomination of Foreigners”. László Toroczkai, the president of Our Country Movement (Mi Hazánk Mozgalom), said at a press conference that they would file a complaint against the Index “for video, journalism and caricature”, saying that it was incitement against the community. 

Israel's embassy in Budapest also responded to Panyi's tweet: 
“We deeply condemn this poster, which features anti-Semitic and anti-Israel symbols and filth. Racism, hatred and incitement have no place in any dialogue. We are confident that the Hungarian authorities will remove posters like this. ”
Source: merce