Antisemitic writings outside Chiuduno middle school

- unknown persons smeared the outer wall of the middle school in via Aldo Moro with anti-Semitic writings. All within hours of the Memorial Day. The mayor of the town, Stefano Locatelli , who posted a photo yesterday in the group “Sei di Chiuduno se”, denounced the fact on social media .

"It is 2.44 on 28/01/2021 ..." thus begins the message left in Chiuduno with some anti-Semitic writings found outside the local middle school. Although some pieces were appropriately blacked out at the time of publication on social media, the references to January 27, Memorial Day and the attack on the Twin Towers can be clearly understood.

Surveillance cameras in the area will be used to identify the perpetrators of the vile gesture, as confirmed by the mayor himself on the post on Facebook. “Today complaints have been made against unknown persons. Tomorrow the images of the cameras in the area will be examined by those in charge ”. “In the meantime, I advise the author to come to town in the next few days at least to apologize. It would at least be an attempt to remedy, hoping he realized the gravity of the gesture ”.

Source: primabergamo