“Collect coins like a Jew”: the antisemitic outing of an elected official from Sarcelles

- Navaz Mouhamadaly, the elected representative of Sarcelles has been at the heart of a real controversy for a few days. The transport and sustainable mobility assistant for the city of Val d'Oise posted on his Facebook account a montage featuring the character Mario with the following text: “Stop Racism. Become like Mario, an Italian, created by the Japanese, who speaks English, who looks like a Mexican, who runs like a Congolese, who jumps like a Jamaican, and who collects coins like a Jew”. 

A post which particularly shocked the opposition, judging this publication " with a racist and antisemitic whiff ".

In his defense, the municipal councilor of the majority in Sarcelles specified on Facebook that “the publication humorously dismantled the racist and antisemitic prejudices that plague our society ”. And to add: “ The humor and derision to fight against racism […] are obviously not yet understood nor shared. This caricature has earned me today accusations of racism and antisemitism, which is a shame for me, so often a victim of anti-Asian racism. "