French man receives jail time for threats against TV host Valerie Benaim

A 33-year-old man with a mental disability was convicted of attempted assault on Jewish TV host Valerie Benaim by a French court earlier this week.

The assailant, Samir E., allegedly was inspired by French rapper Freeze Corleone, and showed up to the television station to "do battle with the Jews," while hurling antisemtic insults as well as death threats at Benaim.

He receive a two-month suspended prison sentence for his wrongdoing.
The man was drawn to action following Benaim stark review of the French rapper, as she detailed the hate within lyrics like, "I arrive determined like Adolf in the 1930s,” according to the Algemeiner, as well as, "Every day I fuck Israel like I live in Gaza.”

Following the review, Benaim recieved numerous threats, including those from the convicted assailant. He is reportedly considered as an "as Cotorep," meaning he currently has a disability and is receiving government assistance to be reintegrated into society which he undergoes daily monitoring for.

Freeze Corleone's lyrics are currently being investigated for "provocation to racial hatred" and Holocaust denial. His debut album is reported riddled with "“antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and apologies for Hitler, the Third Reich and [Afghan Taliban commander] Mullah Omar,” according to the Algemeiner, citing a French watchdog.

Source: Jpost