Raid on a zoom meeting at the presentation of a book about the Holocaust "Jews, we will burn you in the ovens."

It happened today on a live broadcast when Lia Tagliaccio, a writer, journalist, author of "The desert generation" ("La generazione del deserto"), just showed up to talk about her latest work in an online meeting organized by the Piedmontese Institute of Resistance History. (Istituto Piemontese Per La Storia Della Resistenza E Della Societa 'Co) in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Turin Jewry (Centro di Studi ebraici di Torino).

Her two children were the first to tell on Facebook what happened, shocked, angry, disgusted by what happened online. An organized group of people, writes Sara De Benedictis, 20, from Rome, entered a zoom session of the presentation, while my mother spoke. Silenced her. They started shouting "Jews we're going to burn you all in the ovens" "The Nazis are back," "We will burn you all," "You all must die." "They used pictures of Hitler and huge swastikas as identification."

Antisemitic insults, screams, threats, swastikas, pictures of Hitler. All this during the presentation of a book on the memory of the Holocaust and the use that can be made of this memory today, as an instrument of civilization.