Russian university professor declared Holocaust is a myth

- Professor of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service (RANGiDS), Vladimir Matveev on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day provoked a loud scandal, advising teachers to tell children that “there was no Holocaust.” 

Matveev, a doctor of technical sciences and a retired colonel, held a webinar showing a slide entitled: “The Genocide of the Jews in 1938-1945. There was no Holocaust!” and called the “myth” the extermination of six million Jews. 

“In order to burn (the body), you need a furnace with forced injection of oxygen. No such furnaces were found in Germany. So this is another, unfortunately, myth. No gas chambers were found … and this gas was used for disinfection … It was impossible to let six million victims through all the concentration camps. Therefore, this figure, six million, is nothing but fiction … We as representatives of education must carry the truth to the masses. Conclusion: There was simply no Holocaust in that volume, “ the professor said. 

According to, the North-Western Institute of Academy Management has decided to terminate cooperation with Matveev: 

“Published statements are absolutely unacceptable neither from a scientific nor from a universal point of view. For the institute, as for all of us city residents, holocaust denial and victims of Nazism sound especially blasphemous in the days of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade. 

The management of the institute considers it unacceptable for Matveyev to continue teaching. “