The government spokesperson received a letter filled with antisemitic and homophobic threats against him

- Gabriel Attal, The government spokesperson posted a letter on Instagram on Friday filled with antisemitic and homophobic threats against him.

On the envelope, two stars, yellow and pink, are drawn, referring to the marking system used by the Nazis during World War II for Jewish and gay people. Threatening drawings that add to the equally threatening content of the letter aimed at him and Sibeth Ndiaye. The former government spokesperson is the subject of sexist and racist attacks.

“WE’LL KILL YOU. […] GARBAGE = WE BURN IT. BRAVO ATTAL = 2 STARS = YELLOW AND PINK! “, can we read in this letter.

Gabriel Attal said on his Instagram post that he is not used to relaying “the rubbish” he receives.

“At the start of the year, I am making an exception. Racism, antisemitism, homophobia, sexism: let us never take our values for granted, the fight must be permanent. This letter is further proof of that,” he wrote on the social network.

His party, En Marche!, brought him, on Twitter, his “total support” in the face of these “horrors [qui] have no place in our society, either in writing or orally, anywhere “.
Source: bfmtv