“They are like Jews, they have no country”: the reprehensible antisemitic comment of a national deputy in a videoconference

Buenos Aires
- “We are more united than ever, nobody is going to break us, and nobody who has nothing to do with our province because they are like the Jews, out there they have no homeland and do not know where they are.”. This was the reprehensible antisemitic comment issued by the national deputy Pablo Ansaloni during a virtual chat in which he spoke about the representation of the rural workers union (UATRE).

Ansaloni, member of the interblock Federal Unit for Development and president of Faith Party, the space founded by the late rural leader Gerónimo “Momo” Venegas, was forced to apologize hours after the video with the insult went viral on social networks and thousands of users expressed their rejection. As explained, he used the historic struggle of the Jewish people to exemplify his argument about what the leadership of the UATRE union should be. In addition, he maintained that the disclosure of the video was intended to damage his image.
“In my capacity as National deputy I want to clarify the sayings in a video that circulates maliciously about me. First of all I make an apology to the beloved Jewish community for the sayings taken out of context. When I mention that millennial phrase, it only refers to the lack of territory that for many years the Jewish people did not have.” Said the deputy in his message after the scandal had already broken out.

“I will mention that poorly formulated phrase in a discussion wanting to illustrate what I was saying and NOT in a derogatory way. I have great respect and support with all conviction for the struggle that has been developing in the country since the unfortunate attack by the AMIA. Without further ado, I reiterate my apologies to the entire Jewish community and to anyone who has been offended, “concluded the brief statement published on the legislator’s official social networks.

Source: radiofiji