Two men arrested for a brutal antisemitic attack on an Orthodox family in Córdoba

Two men were arrested on Monday accused of insulting and beating an Orthodox Jewish family, when they were touring the Cordovan town of La Cumbre on January 21, reported the Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF).

According to the information, two men were arrested and charged with the crimes of "minor injuries, threats, damage and robbery," in all cases "aggravated by religious hatred."

The judicial resolution was adopted by the Prosecutor's Office of Instruction of the city of Cosquín and, according to the data, the two men were mobilized in a car and verbally and physically attacked an Orthodox Jewish family who were transported in another vehicle in the town of La Summit, in the Punilla valley.

The preliminary summary of the investigation details that the couple and their children were touring the La Cumbre area, driving to Villa Giardino, and the two men in another vehicle catch up and begin to insult them with expressions of discrimination.

The man, who was traveling with his family, decides to park to talk with the attackers and in response receives more insults and beatings, details the information of the police and judicial complaint that is made after the violent event.

The local leadership of the Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA), through a statement, expressed the "profound repudiation of this type of facts based on intolerance , discrimination and the lack of recognition of the other and we advocate for the due clarification of what happened and the application of the sanctions that the law provides for this type of crime ".
He also urged that "any act of anti-Semitism or expressions of discrimination be immediately reported to DAIA Filial Córdoba, so that together we can work to banish these despicable attitudes of hatred that generate violence and social confrontation."

For his part, the province's Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Julián López, assured that "in Córdoba we do not tolerate acts of this nature, and we commit ourselves to continue working for the construction of a plural and egalitarian society, and so that the responsibility of the perpetrators of these crimes is determined by justice. "
Source: clarin