UNC Campus Y vandalized with racist and antisemitic messages

Chapel Hill, NC
- The Campus Y at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was vandalized last week, according to campus police. 

According to a letter to the campus community, it appears the vandalism occurred sometime on Saturday or Sunday. Officials said someone entered the building on East Cameron Avenue and "defaced several offices, leaving some antisemitic symbols and writing a racial epithet on a whiteboard." 

A Facebook post went into more detail, saying the hateful messages and symbols targeted women, Jews and people of color. 

According to its website, the Campus Y houses 32 student-run committees tackling diverse social and environmental justice issues and is a space that unites students, staff, faculty, and community partners in the pursuit of social justice.

"We condemn the racist, hateful nature of this act and will continue to work undaunted towards racial and social justice for all members of the Carolina community," UNC leaders wrote on Facebook. 

A suspect has been identified, and police issued two warrants for their arrest. 

Police asked everyone to avoid walking alone on campus and to be aware of surroundings. There will be an increased police presence at the Campus Y as police continue the investigation.

Source: wral