Violent antisemitic attack on a Jewish family in Córdoba

Villa Giardino, Cordoba
- In the last hours of Wednesday, an Orthodox Jewish family on vacation in the province of Córdoba was attacked. They traveled in their car from La Falda to La Cumbre . It is a journey of approximately 15 kilometers. In the car, Max C. was traveling with his family. Among them were his 92-year-old mother and a one and a half year old baby. 

At the height of Villa Giardino, halfway, a Subaru car catches up with him and they begin to insult them for their Jewish faith. They begin to chase them, Max C. stops because the attackers crossed his car and gets out of his car to ask them why they were insulted them and in response he receives a beating and more insults: «You fucking Jews, get out of here». During the beating, his glasses were broken. 

Their children had also been beaten. They manage to get into the car and arrive at La Cumbre. They enter the Municipal hospital where they are treated. 

They then went to the police station with all the data even the Subaru vehicle number, but claimed the police did not take the attack seriously. 

Max C.'s family are part of a group of 50 Orthodox Jewish families that usually go to La Cumbre for the summer. They take tourist walks. 

After being treated at the hospital, they returned home. Still moved and outraged, Max C. said that "the 92-year-old grandmother was very worried and with panic attacks, the boys were also very scared and my wife cannot sleep since that night."

Source: visavis