2020 Antisemitism report in French-speaking Switzerland

The year 2020 ends with mixed results. CICAD has observed an increase in antisemitic acts recorded in French-speaking Switzerland, ie 147 in total, but a decrease in serious acts in French-speaking Switzerland.

In 2020, CICAD recorded: 141 acts of concern (100 acts of concern in 2019). Antisemitic acts recorded mainly on the Internet and social networks. These acts are on the rise (+ 41%). This situation is worrying. The decrease in antisemitic acts recorded in 2019 will therefore not have been than a parenthesis.

CICAD recorded a decrease in serious and serious antisemitic acts in French-speaking Switzerland during the year 2020.

antisemitism also exists in our country and its expressions are manifested daily. We see that in Switzerland, too, people can be assaulted, discriminated against or threatened because they are Jewish. Acts of vandalism were perpetrated, Jewish children and students suffered antisemitic slurs at their school and university, not to mention the Nazi slurs and salutes suffered by a baker in Geneva.

Source: CICAD