Antisemitic flyer in a residential area in Rhein-Erft-Kreis

- A non-Jewish victim, who recently moved into the area, was the only tenant in the apartment building to find a flyer with antisemitic symbols in his mailbox.

Above a depicted Star of David with a Satan's head was the sentence: "The Jew is Satan!" Below the picture there are also two alleged quotes: “The Jews are the no to the life of the peoples" (Die Juden sind das Nein zum Leben der Völker) by Martin Buber and “The Jews are not human" (Die Juden sind keine Menschen) by Karl Marx.

A QR code leads to the website of the neo-Nazi Henry Hafenmayer from Oberhausen, on which the holocaust is denied. Hafenmayer has already been convicted of denying the holocaust and inciting hatred. He used the trial to spread antisemitic and ideological conspiracy statements. Time and again he was accompanied by people from the Reich citizen milieu and the extreme right in North Rhine-Westphalia.