Antisemitic scandal on Bulgarian national television

Orlin Goranov
Sofia - The host of a popular game show on Bulgarian public TV quoted on air the anti-Semitic rantings of the late chess master Bobby Fischer, then apologized the following day, a day after the broadcasting company’s top official.

On Tuesday, Orlin Goranov of Bulgarian National Television’s “The Last One Wins” posed a question to contestants on “who was the chess player with Jewish roots who nonetheless spoke out harshly against Jews?”

“After the player replied at length that it was Bobby Fischer, Goranov cited a lengthy and insulting statement by an American chess player about his ”laziness and attitude in concentration camps “.

Here is the text:

"Jews do not like to work. And this is one of the things that the Jews hated a lot in Hitler's concentration camps.

There have never been gas chambers. This is nonsense!

But when you go to the camp, there is an inscription: "Arbeit macht Frei". In Bulgarian: Work makes you free.

But the Jews do not believe this. They believe that you have to do all the work, and they take the profit.

That's the problem with Jews. "

Goranov apologized on air Wednesday.

“I apologize for what was said. It was not aimed at offending Jews, but at accurately quoting Fischer,” he said.

That came a day after Bulgarian National Television’s director, Emil Koshlukov, said the quotes “contain hate speech and slander,” adding that “I apologize to all affected individuals and parties.” He promised to punish the employees responsible for the incident.

“Such words clearly have no place on the air of a public television, or any media,” Koshlukov said.

Source: gospodari