Destruction in the Jewish cemetery in Arezzo

Arezzo - Inside the Duchy Park, at the end of the road to Baldachio D'Angari the hill on which is an olive tree with a memorial plaque representing the symbolic place that once belonged to the Jewish community packed in the nineteenth century is the cemetery.

There were many bouquets of flowers before the vandalism, as they are traditionally placed here on the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was held on January 27. Many citizens of his country paid homage to the place independently, bringing other flowers and remembering the Holocaust and the terrible consequences of racial laws.

The flowers and laurel wreaths that were placed on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance last January 27 were damaged and in some cases cut.

The first to report what had happened was the director of the PD Alessandro Caneschi on social networks.

"Shame! A cowardly and unacceptable gesture in a symbolic place of the city, the "Campaccio", where the cemetery of the Jews of Arezzo was located. I expect a strong public condemnation of the mayor Ghinelli; take immediate action to restore the dignity that the place deserves. "