Eurispes 2020: For one in 6 Italians the Holocaust has never existed

For one in six Italians ( 15.5% ) the Holocaust has never existed, while for another 16, 1 percent of Italians who say that there was but it was not such an important phenomenon. This is what was revealed by the Eurispes 2020 report, presented on Thursday 30 January, which, among the various aspects of Italian society taken into consideration, reveals a strong growth in denial, which in 2004 concerned 2.7 percent of Italians.

At the same time, 60.6% believe that these episodes are the consequence of a widespread language based on hatred and racism. For less than half of the sample (47.5%) the acts of antisemitism which also took place in Italy are the signal of a dangerous resurgence of the phenomenon. For 37.2%, however, they are stunts carried out as a provocation or a joke.

In addition, the statement that "many think that Mussolini was a great leader who only made a few mistakes" (19.8%) records a "fair consensus". With close percentages of agreement, they follow "Italians are not fascists but love strong personalities" (14.3%), "we are mainly a people of the right" (14.1%), "many Italians are fascists" (12 , 8%) and, finally, “order and discipline are values ​​much loved by Italians” (12.7%). Over one in four Italians (26.2%) does not share any of the opinions proposed.

"These are alarming figures that we must not underestimate," said Matteo Mauri, Deputy Minister of the Interior, adding: "Denialism continues to tarnish the memory of this tragedy".

Source: mosaico-cem