Fremont synagogue defaced with swastika

Fremont, CA
- Amaintenance worker at Temple Beth Torah, a Reform synagogue in Fremont, discovered a swastika etched on the outside of the building on Wednesday.

The swastika appeared to have been drawn in black marker or thick pen onto a stucco wall. It measured about 5 square inches, the synagogue reported in an email to congregants.

It was not known when the vandalism occurred, as the synagogue had been closed due to the pandemic and the maintenance worker who found it comes only every other month.

Temple administrator Jill Ziman and president Ronnie Petersohn met with Fremont police at the shul. Officers asked neighbors for video footage from their security camera, the synagogue reported.

Police said they would be treating the incident as a hate crime, Petersohn told congregants in the email.

Source: jweekly
Photo: Screenshot/Google Maps