GameStop short seller says he’s been targeted with antisemitic harassment by Reddit trolls

Gabriel Plotkin
Summoned to testify before a House committee Thursday about about his hedge fund’s short trading of GameStop shares, Melvin Capital CEO Gabriel Plotkin will say that Reddit traders behind the meme stock frenzy targeted him with antisemitic attacks. 

In a prepared testimony released Wednesday, Plotkin said the Reddit posters encouraged others to jack up the price of GameStop stock in posts “mixed with antisemitic slurs” to him and others, citing an example where someone one wrote: “It is very clear that we need a second holocaust. , the Jews cannot continue to get away with this. 

Melvin Capital suffered massive losses when the GameStop share price hit record highs and was a particular target of the Reddit r / WallStreetBets forum, which pose as crusaders against wealthy Wall Street companies.

Source: Forbes