Israeli flag egged on balcony in Illinois

Champaign, Il
- Members of the University of Illinois’ Jewish community are on edge after a student said someone egged the Israeli flag hanging outside on his balcony.

The incident happened early Monday morning just after 1:00.

Jeremy Zelner said he was working on a paper when he heard something hitting the window. He went outside to check what it was.

“But by that time, the egging stopped and I looked outside and nobody was there,” he said. “So, it was a pretty relatively quick thing, but there was probably like 10, 15, 20 eggs that were just all over the balcony.”

He said he was initially stunned to see what had happened. Then it sunk in.

“Our first thought was, put it everywhere,” Zelner said. “We are not the type of people to be scared. We’re not the type of people that would be silenced. We’re not the type of people to back down from what we believe in.”

Zelner contacted Champaign Police and university officials. Police said they are still gathering information to start the initial investigation.

Source: wcia