Nicolás Pauls posted an antisemitic message and then apologized

Nicolas Pauls made a post on Instagram with an antisemitic message. Later, the actor deleted it and apologized.

“To find out who reigns over you, simply find out who you cannot criticize,” was the phrase of the French thinker Voltaire that Pauls shared.

The phrase is accompanied by an illustration in which a large hand is seen oppressing a group of people. On the sleeve that covers the arm, you can see the Star of David, a representative symbol of Judaism.

The unfortunate publication of the brother of Gastón Pauls began to circulate on the networks and criticism accumulated.

As an answer, Pauls apologized with a disclaimer in the same network in which he unleashed the scandal.

Nicolas Pauls

“After a series of censored posts in which I spoke against the system, I wanted to upload something talking about censorship and out of a hurry, I didn’t do the obvious reading that, unfortunately, many people did “The actor began with his post that was to the detriment of the Jewish community. 

“The message I wanted to convey came out lousy”, he clarified.

“As a relative of Jews who escaped from the Holocaust, nothing is further from my person than disrespecting anyone even less from racism. I am deeply sorry for my clumsiness and if anyone felt insulted or attacked by that message. The truth is that I am very anguished, I feel it very much from my heart, “he completed.

Sports journalist Martin Souto was one of those who shared Pauls post. He also apologized.

“We are two hangers who did not see the detail of the star in the drawing. When they pointed it out to me, I erased it immediately. We are not two idiots and only idiots can be antisemitic “Souto stated.

“I subscribe to Nico’s words, those who know us know that we would never hurt anyone’s feeling of pain “added the journalist on his Instagram account.

Source: pledgetimes