Pork deposited in front of synagogues in French-speaking Switzerland

In the past few days, antisemitic acts have been carried out in synagogues in western Switzerland. A pack of bacon was deposited in front of the synagogue in Lausanne, and pork was thrown towards the building in Geneva.

The inter-municipal coordination office against antisemitism and defamation (CICAD) denounces the attacks. The act in Lausanne was committed on Saturday when the synagogue was closed, said Cicad general secretary Johanne Gurfinkiel of the Keystone-SDA news agency on Friday. A stuffed pig was also deposited in front of the door of the church. According to the CICAD, a woman is the author of this action.

On Wednesday the synagogue of the Liberal Jewish Congregation of Geneva was the target of an antisemist attack. According to the CICAD, a woman first wanted to smear the doors of the building with pig slices before throwing them in the direction of the building. It was not the same person as in Lausanne. The CICAD filed criminal charges, as Gurfinkiel said.

Acts of this kind are an insult to every Jew and have a highly symbolic dimension if they are committed in a synagogue, the CICAD states. The aim of using pork for such attacks is to mock and humiliate Jews, since they consider the pig to be an unclean animal.

Source: tdg