“The Jew is the culprit”, say Neo-Nazis at Madrid march honoring collaborators

Madrid - The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain has requested an investigation by the country’s hate crimes prosecutor into antisemitic statements made during a demonstration of more than 300 neo-Nazi activists in Madrid last Saturday.

The neo-Nazis marched as a tribute to the Blue Division, Spanish volunteers who fought alongside the Nazis in World War II.

The event was convened by the Patriotic Youth, a neo-Nazi organization based in Madrid, and was supported by different Nazi and fascist groups across Spain, such as the España2000 party, or La Falange, whose leader, Manuel Andrino, attended the march.

One speaker, identified as a neo-Nazi named Isabel Peralta, declared that in a speech: “The enemy will always be the same, even if it wears different masks: the Jew!”

She continued, “The Jew is the culprit that the Blue Division fought against.”

The event also featured a religious service in front of a monument to the Blue Division, on which a wreath of flowers with a swastika was placed. A Catholic priest addressed the audience, saying: “Marxism, just like yesterday […] continues trying to disturb the peace of our society, disturb the peace of the spirits and, above all, remove the prince of peace, our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Source: algemeiner