2020 Antisemitism report in Brandenburg

Antisemitic crimes in Brandenburg have increased significantly in the past year. The police statistics recorded 147 such crimes, 48 ​​more than a year earlier, as the answer from the Interior Ministry in Potsdam to a request from the left-wing faction in the state parliament shows. In 2018, 95 crimes were reported, including three attacks on objects of Jewish life.

With a few exceptions, the police assigned the crimes last year to right-wing extremists. Two offenses each were classified as religious and xenophobic, in one case there was no political background. The figures are provisional, as the police statistics consistently contain late reports on previous crimes.

Of the 147 crimes, seven were attacks on Jewish institutions. For example, information or memorial boards on memorials were damaged and doors of a synagogue and a Jewish community hall were smeared. In four cases it was also swastika graffiti.

The attacks also targeted the Glöwen subcamp of the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the former Röderhof concentration camp. The remaining offenses were incidents such as sedition, the use of anti-constitutional labels and threats.