A swastika was spray painted at the "Space of the Synagogues" memorial in Lviv

- Unknown persons painted a swastika at the memorial complex "Space of the Synagogues" in the center of Lviv.

Unknown people painted the swastika on the commemorative concrete slabs of the "Space of the Synagogues", as well as on the benches located nearby.

Lviv communal services noted that now they have already cleared the prohibited symbols.

Residents of Lviv suggest that provocateurs could have drawn the swastika. It is also noted that young people often like to drink alcohol there.

The Synagogue Space in Lviv is a public memorial complex erected on the site of a destroyed synagogue. Its purpose is to mark the history of the building destroyed during the Holocaust, as well as the history of Jews from Lviv and the region who were killed during the Nazi occupation.

Source: lviv.tsn