Again a number of antisemitic incidents related to Corona in Munich

- On the weekend of March 13. and 14., 2021, numerous Coronademos took place again in Bavaria. RIAS Bayern recorded antisemitic incidents in Munich, especially those that downplay the holocaust.

A participant was spotted at a rally in front of the Munich Palace of Justice, whose appearance reminded of a stereotyped Jew in concentration camp prison clothes. The man wore a convict costume to buy in carnival supplies and an oversized nose in the form of a mask.

Another participant showed a transparent with the inscription ′′ ESM is sale of Germany to private banks and the high financial ". ESM stands for the international organization of European stability mechanism, high financial is an antisemitic cipher for ′′ the Jews ′′ and refers to the anti-Semitic idea of ′′ Money Jews ′′ and ′′ Financial Jews ".

On Sunday, a sticker was discovered in Munich's Maximiliansstra ├čee on a poster advertising for coronavirus rapid testing, which shows a ′′ yellow star ′′ with the inscription ′′ Unvaccinated ′′ and the lettering ′′ Again?"

On Saturday a walker saw a poster at Isarau near Eching with a photo montage showing the entrance of the Auschwitz Stammlager I concentration camp with the inscription ' Dad, in which concentration camp will we be accommodated? - Idk honey, I'm not interested in politics ". Also on the poster there was a montage of a photo of the historic ′′ work makes free "- concentration camp gate inscription, which was changed to ′′ Vaccine makes free "

Source: RIAS Bayern