Another antisemitic tag discovered in the Guillotière district of Lyon

- A yellow Star of David was painted on a wall on 6th Avenue Jean Georges in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon (Ron).

Natalie Belmet, president of the Guillotière en Colère association, explains that she is "I'm used to bad-tasting tags", but "like that, it is not! The association posted a picture of the Yellow Star of David, on social media.

"Before, there were no such tags, we had never seen them," notes Natalie Belmet.

But the tag that appeared in the Guillotier district came in the wake of the one near La Hopper store, early last week, and the one at the Grand-Hôtel-Dieu. "The symbols have not yet been removed this weekend," regrets Nathalie Belmet.

Source: actu
Photo:  (© Twitter / Association Guillotière en Colère)