Antisemitic abuse posted online after Aston Villa wishing supporters 'Happy Passover'

Aston Villa have condemned antisemitic abuse posted online after the club wished supporters 'Happy Passover' last weekend.

On Saturday evening, Villa posted the message: "Chag Pesach Sameach" and "Happy Passover" across social media channels, receiving a number of negative and abusive replies.

The club have removed a number of abusive replies on Twitter and added a response to the original Facebook post, which received over 27,000 dislikes or 'angry' emojis.
Villa said: "The club deplores religious intolerance of any form and is an inclusive organisation who welcomes people of all faiths."

Writer and comedian David Baddiel wrote on Twitter: "27.1k angry reactions, to what is basically Happy Easter for Jews. Ugh.

"By the way, I don't see this as anything to do with Villa. It's to do with anti-Semitism and the internet. It could be any other club, indeed any other outlet with a wide reach."

On Sunday, Villa posted a 'Happy Holi' message on Facebook which received over 400 'angry' emojis in reply.

Source: Sky sports