Antisemitic film as a teaching material at the Löbau vocational school

- An antisemitic animated film with numerous conspiracy myths is said to have been shown in a vocational school in Löbau. The film supposedly explains the emergence of the current financial system, as a path to world domination from the Middle Ages to the present day, including the control of mass media and governments. The Saxon Ministry of Culture and the State Association of Jewish Communities are appalled.

“And so it is!” – With these words the economics teacher ended the presentation of “The story of the goldsmith Fabian – Give me the world plus five percent” according to the presentation of the vocational student Peter Günther. The prospective carpenter is one of three students who refused the subsequent written performance assessment on the film content.

It is shown that the moneylender Fabian invites his goldsmith friends from the neighboring villages to found a secret lodge. This is an age-old, antisemitic conspiracy theory from the Middle Ages that is used here. You can see at first glance that Fabian and his goldsmith colleagues are supposed to be Jews. Like a colored propaganda thing from the Third Reich.
Peter Günther. Apprentice carpenter at the Löbau vocational school

The approximately 50-minute animated film was produced in 2008 in collaboration with KOPP-Verlag and tells the fictional story of the goldsmith Fabian. He invents the money, lends it to his fellow citizens and demands interest for it, which he either drives them into ruin or into total dependence. With other goldsmiths he founded a secret lodge called “The Enlightened”, which over the centuries instigated wars, controlled governments and the media, and finally the thoughts of every individual.

Even if the term “Jews” is avoided in the film, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, among others, refers to the antisemitic message in a statement that MDR SACHSEN has received:

The questionable representations correspond to classic antisemitic narratives, but without explicitly naming Jews – so-called social antisemitism. That the film is understood by many recipients in an antisemitic sense can also be seen in the comment areas (…). It is not uncommon for the story to refer to ‘the Rothschilds’ as representatives of an allegedly world-ruling ‘financial Jewry’ as an alleged reference to reality.
Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution

MDR SACHSEN has asked the Löbau vocational school center for a statement about the film showing in class. This was rejected with reference to a pending administrative complaint. Another request with the offer to let the teacher have a say about her motivation was not answered.

Source: mdr