Dolls hanged outside Swedish synagogue to protest Passover

- Police in Norrkoping, Sweden, are investigating after someone left a hate-filled message and a group of dolls hanging outside a synagogue there on the first day of Passover, March 28.

The notes referred to Passover being a the two posters read as follows:

Today marks the beginning of the Jewish Passover, which is celebrated every year in memory of the Israelites' murder of tens of thousands of newborns in Egypt.

Tens of thousands of infants have been murdered in our time during the Jewish occupation of Palestine. Get organized in the fight against Zionism! 

The ADL also posted a photo of some of the hanging dolls with what appeared to be red paint or markers on them.

The ADL also noted that the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement posted the incident, including a photo taken at night that showed even more dolls hanging outside. In its tweet, the ADL said: "We urge the police to take quick action against such intimidation and harassment."

A local news website reported that police would patrol the synagogue during the remainder of the holiday, which continues through Sunday night. Norrkoping is about 100 miles south of Stockholm, and according to the European Jewish Congress, has a small Jewish community.

Source: Israel hayom