Drunk antisemite pees in the subway carriage

Reinickendorf, Berlin
- Witnesses alerted the police to Reinickendorf yesterday evening. At around 9.15 p.m., several passengers on U-Bahn line 6 train noticed how another passenger suddenly got up at Holzhauser Strasse station, opened his pants and urinated on the seats and the floor of the train. The witnesses asked the man to get off at Borsigwerke station. Together with him, they awaited the emergency services that had already been alerted.

On the platform, the drunk is said to have insulted the 21- and 28-year-old witnesses in an antisemitic manner. The police instructed the man and carried out a breath alcohol measurement, which showed he is intoxicated.

After his identity was determined, the 72-year-old was released on site. He now has to answer for the suspicion of anti-Jewish insult, harmful damage to property and harassment of the general public.