German Muslim leader resigns after youth group exposes online antisemitism

Mustafa Keskin
- The local head of an influential Turkish Muslim association in Germany resigned from his position after his antisemitic social media posts were exposed by a youth group.

Mustafa Keskin, chairman of the branch of DITIB, the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in the city of Göttingen, tendered his resignation after his posts on various social media platforms were brought to light by Die Falken, a socialist youth organisation.

In a post on its website headlined “Against All Antisemitism,” the youth group said that it had been horrified to discover that Mustafa Keskin spreads antisemitic hate messages and conspiracy myths on WhatsApp and Facebook, incites against Kurds and Armenians, and refers positively to Islamist movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The group noted that Keskin’s “current WhatsApp profile features a picture depicting Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the ‘old’ and ‘new’ puppets, respectively, of investment bankers and, in the picture, ‘puppet master’ Jacob Rothschild.”

“The dissemination of antisemitic hate messages and conspiracy theories by a community leader in Göttingen cannot and must not simply be accepted,” Die Falken asserted.

According to regional broadcaster NDR, Keskin said that his postings were intended only “as criticisms of the Israeli government”. He emphasised that he was an interfaith leader who had participated in the “Roundtable of Abrahamic Faiths” event with Jewish and Christian colleagues in the recent past.

DITIB, Keskin’s organization, nonetheless distanced itself from its former chairman in Göttingen. “None of the postings and opinions of the chairman can be tolerated by a DITIB functionary,” Zekeriya Altuğ, a representative of the group nationally, told NDR.

Source: algemeiner