Holocaust survivor’s car marked with swastikas; auto center tagged with antisemitic message

Hallandale Beach, FL
- Vandals marked a car that belongs to a Holocaust survivor in Hallandale Beach with two swastikas and spray-painted an antisemitic message on the wall of an auto center in Miami, just before the start of Passover.

According to the website StopAntiSemitism.org, the disturbing discovery in Hallandale Beach was made Friday.

Evan Nierman, a member of the Jewish community and the CEO of the South Florida public relations firm Red Banyan, addressed the vandalism.

“It’s a terrible occurrence anytime, but that’s especially so on the eve of a Jewish holiday,” he said. “It’s just really sad that, in this day and age, Jewish people are still finding themselves under assault and under attack.”

The incident in Hallandale Beach was not isolated.

The phrase “Communism is Judaism” was spray-painted on the wall of an auto center in Miami. By Saturday morning, it had been painted over.

“The person who did this, they seem to be conflating Judaism with communism, but in truth, they seem to know the most about vandalism,” said Nierman.

Passers-by in Northeast Miami-Dade were disheartened by both acts of vandalism.

“It’s very disappointing that, in this day and age, you still have that much hatred and people putting these things up. It’s disgusting,” said Vin Gandhi, who is visiting from New York.

“It would be nice to think that after this year, there would be a better place in this world, but there are still, unfortunately, a lot of people showing their true colors,” said Jen Gandhi.

Building security is reviewing surveillance footage of the incident in Hallandale Beach.

The graffiti in Miami has been reported to police.