Man suspected of drawing swastika in snow outside historic New York temple returned to draw a swastika arrested

Manhattan, NY - Police have arrested a Manhattan man who they say drew a swastika in the snow outside a historic temple on the Upper East Side last month.

A man suspected of drawing a swastika in the snow in front of a historic temple last month was captured Thursday after New York City police said he returned to the site to again mark it with the antisemitic symbol.

Manuel Barrera, 50, of Harlem, was arrested on a charge of antisemitic aggravated harassment, according to authorities.

New York police in February released video showing a man approach the doors of Temple Emanu-El on the city's Upper East Side. In the footage, the man begins to walk away, then bends down to write or draw something in the snow before heading north on 5th Avenue.

On Thursday, Barrera returned to Temple Emanu-El to again draw a swastika, along with a pentagram and "666," this time in chalk, an NYPD official confirmed to NBC News on Friday. The pentagram and "666" are satanic symbols.

Temple officials called police, who took Barrera into custody. It's unclear if he has an attorney.

Temple Emanu-El, now a Reform Judaism congregation, was established in 1845 and moved to its stately 5th Avenue location in 1927. At the time, it was the largest synagogue in the world. The sanctuary fits more people than St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown.

Source: nbcnews